Tourism after covid

Tourism after covid

In Europe, the whole covid situation is slowly calming down, more and more countries are loosening restrictions and life is slowly but surely getting back on track. We are pretty sure that the summer holidays this year will be real summer holidays again. 

The battle for tourist guests has already begun and everyone in tourism is looking forward to it more than ever. New guests – new stories and finally smiling faces.

During the pandemic, we have all been exposed to a lot of digitalization. We all now know Zoom and other solutions that have shaped or to some extent still shape our lives, “like it or not”, digitalization is in full swing – accessible, friendly and useful. Without it, it would mean a complete STOP.

Business habits change in times of crisis, but people can always adapt. Some will feel defeated, but those who adapted quickly will emerge as winners. Did you set out to emerge as a winner in this crisis? Yes, of course!

At a time when there is a lot of ambiguity, we present you a very useful solution Ringo that digitises your doors, which means you can control them remotely. You open the entrance to your accommodation with a mobile phone or share a digital key with your guests. 

What Ringo offers – a solution for simplified and contactless access:

1.) Sharing secure virtual keys with guests,

2.) Opening the front door with your mobile phone (old keys can still be used as a “backup”).

3.) A simple control panel that allows an overview of the situation in the tourist accommodation at any time and is accessible from all devices (PC, laptop, phone, tablet).


You can still absolutely welcome all your guests in person, with Ringo you can offer your guests a flexible arrival time ( covid travel times are capricious) and they can enter the accommodation at their own time.

Are you interested in upgrading your guests’ experience with contactless and flexible arrival?

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