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What is Ringo?

RINGO is a solution that digitizes your door. This means that you can unlock it via your mobile phone remotely. For example, you can simply unlock the door remotely for your guests, cleaners, removal services… or allow them to enter themselves only for a limited time by sharing a digital key with them. Guests do NOT NEED an APP to open doors. RINGO allows you to unlock several doors, which opens the DOORS OF THE APARTMENT and at the same time unlocks the DOORS OF THE BUILDING (multi-apartment building).

Where can Ringo be used?

  • For renting out apartments via Airbnb, Booking.com, …
  • In companies for controlled access to offices, warehouses, spaces…
  • Home use
  • Gates, automatic ramps, fences, garage doors etc.

Examples of use?

  • BUILDING: communal front door,
  • TOURISM: apartment door for Airbnb rental, hotel rooms, hostel rooms…
  • RESTAURANT: opening a ramp for a delivery to access the storage,
  • CAMP SITES: opening a sliding fence in front of the entrance to the camp,
  • CO-WORKING room: where each visitor has a time-limited access,
  • FAMILY AND HOME: where family members use digital keys to enter, to monitor access of youngsters and elderly,
  • PUBLIC ADMINISTRATION: utility, high school (gym), access control

Why is Ringo more convenient than classic keys?

Ringo allows quick entry at the touch of a button on the phone. If you are not at home you can allow remote entry or assign temporary digital keys to your guests or cleaning service. At the same time, you have control over arrivals, because Ringo records all the history. More and more touristic guests are demanding a self-check-in experience because they don’t want to wait for the owner or want intimacy. Ringo can help increase the number of your visitors which improves your rating (a requirement for Airbnb Plus) and increases your revenue.

How is Ringo different from other smart locks?

Ringo is not a typical smart lock, but an adaptable device suitable for all types of doors and locks. It can open several doors at the same time, for example, if your apartment is located in a multi-apartment building, it can open both the apartment door and the common door of the building.


+ Fits all door shapes, because Ringo is independent of the type of the handle, cylinder or latch
+ Ringo is installed by our expert
+ Connects to your Wifi or 4G
+ You can still use your classic keys because Ringo does not interfere with your current lock
+ Runs on electricity power

What are the Ringo features?

+ unlocking the door remotely via mobile phone
+ granting time-limited digital key to your guests (or others), for example a guest enters the apartment and his digital key expires on the day of the check-out. After check-out, he can no longer enter the apartment.
+ guest can enter 24/7 (A must have for Airbnb Plus)
+ entry logs
+ online check-in for upcoming guests
+ For companies: employee check-in, check-out

How can I share a digital key?

In the Ringo user interface specify the period of the digital key and send it to a person via email or text message. You can cancel it it at any time. You have complete autonomy over opening and assigning digital keys.

How does Ringo work?

Ringo consists of a box (device) and a service.

1. Ringo digitizes your door, which means your door can be controlled remotely.
2. You open your door with your mobile phone or share a digital key.

Example: https://www.ringolock.com/how-does-ringo-work/

Conditions for optimal operation of Ringo?

– Wireless internet connection (WiFi or 4G)

– Intercom, if it is a residential building or an apartment building

– Electrical socket near the door (in case the socket is not close to the door, an alternative way of installing Ringo is agreed in advance)

How do I install the Ringo solution in my apartment?

Ringo is installed by a Ringo expert who will make sure that everything works properly. After purchasing Ringo you will be contacted by the Ringo team with whom you will agree on the installation date. Lead time is currently around 5 working days and the installation itself lasts approximately 45 minutes (depending on the door type).

Is Ringo suitable for all types of doors?

Ringo is suitable for all types of doors because it works independently of the door and the lock. All doors are made according to certain standards and if your door meets international standards, then Ringo is suitable for your door. In case of any deviations of your door from the standard, we recommend that you consult the Ringo team before purchase: info@ringolock.com

Can I still use my old keys?

Yes. Ringo in no way affects or alters your current lock. You can still use the old keys at any time or use them as a spare.

Can Ringo open more doors?

Yes. Ringo can open one or two doors. For example, if the apartment is located in an apartment building, Ringo opens the common door and the door of the apartment. It also opens the door of the building and the door of the apartment.
Ringo can be also modified to open more doors, up to 15 per one device. In this case custom pricing applies.

Do I need permission to open the door of the apartment building?

No, you do not need a permission from the building manager. Ringo is installed only in your apartment and connected to your intercom handle. It is like you would press a button on an intercom handle in your apartment to open a communal door, with Ringo you do it remotely via your mobile phone or your guests do it via their mobile phone (Ringo digital key).

Is Ringo secure enough?

Yes. Ringo is very secure because it uses the latest certified and encrypted software, like used by banks and other security systems. In addition, it is mounted on the inside of the apartment door, not visible to outsiders. Physically, it has been tested that Ringo lock can withstand a pressure of 500+ kg on the door which is super safe.

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