Do you have a problem delivering keys to your guests? We did too.

Before we have developed Ringo and became a great team, a few of us were landlords and we rented out our spaces through platforms like Airbnb, and alike. We rented out our rooms, apartments and houses, long-term and short-term and we always had problems with delivery of keys. Either guests were being late or us, by our fault or not, in case of emergency (water leak), forgetting the keys etc. We can say that we have experienced many, if not all positive and negative rental situations. Many of these situations and our experiences are described in our blog which you can read here:

We are still renting out, but now with the help of Ringo, which saves us a ton of time, not necessary extra steps and related expenses. It is just so much more simple!

We have developed Ringo according to our experience and based on our needs as landlords. In addition, we have talked to so many of you, landlords and hosts, to get every possible insight. Then we examined and compared experiences to be able to develop a product / service that is practical and useful, for both, the host and his guest.

We believe that Ringo will make your hosting easier and it will reduce the number of steps – literally 🙂

Ringo lock team

Ringo Team