Upgrade your door lock

for Smart hosting

Ringo door opener digital key

Install Ringo

Ringo fits all doors and locks

Connect it to intercom

Ringo can open building doors

Open remotely or share digital keys

With smart integrations you can automate your guest entries

Perfect solution for hosts in apartment buildings

Ringo installation and working Animation

Guest Check-in experience

Ringo features & Advantages

Remote door unlock

Open your doors remotely from anywhere and anytime

Share digital keys with guests

Your guests can enter on their own via their phone

Open building doors as well

Ringo can open apartment and building doors. No permission needed.

Ringo fits all doors

Ringo is door, lock and intercom independent

Entry logs

Every entry /door open is recorded in history in your dashboard.

Classic key override

We don't change your door lock, you can still use your keys.

Ringo Smart Door Opener

Ringo works with…

booking platforms ringo lock

… and integrates with Channel manager & PMS systems.

Happy Clients

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