Upgrade your door
to smart door!

Ringo door opener digital key

Install Ringo

Ringo integrates with your existing door lock.

Connect it to internet

WiFi, SIM card or POE.

Control it from anywhere

Open doors remotely or share a digital key.

Ringo smart doors

No change to your door or your lock! Simple upgrade by connecting Ringo BOX to your existing electric lock.

No electric lock yet? No problem!

Ringo installation It works even with classic door locks!

To make it smart, we insert an electric lock to your door frame and Ringo gives you control over the door. Simple.


Remote unlock

Open doors from anywhere with your phone.

Share digital keys

Simply share your digital keys with anyone for a limited period of time.

AUTO unlock

Open doors without taking your phone out of your pocket, just come close and doors will open.

Entry logs

Every entry /door open is recorded.


Be notified when certain person opens doors.

Unlimited warranty

With subscription you are entitled to an endless support and warranty.

Ringo Smart Door Opener

All this for…

  • 10 EUR / month
    • Home plan
    • Turn your door into a smart door!
      • • 1x Ringo box
        It opens 2 doors (even apartment building doors)
      • • Electric lock (if necessary)
      • • Intercom integration (if applicable)
      • • User/Manager account
      • • Unlimited warranty
      • + 150 EUR installation fee (one time cost)

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