How does Ringo work?

1. Ringo digitizes your door, which means your door can be controlled remotely.
2. You open your door with your mobile phone or share a digital key.


  Use case:    Apartment host in a multi-apartment building


How to start?
So, Ringo BOX is a device that is installed on the inside of your door. With Ringo installed, you control your door from anywhere. All you need is your mobile phone and a Ringo user account.


1. We place the Ringo BOX inside your apartment, as shown in the picture on the right.

Ringo needs electricity and wifi to operate.

2. We connect Ringo to your intercom, through which you can open the common door of the building. You do not need permission from the building manager, as Ringo does not affect the intercom system in the building and it works as if you were to press the button on the intercom to open the door yourself.

3. Then we put an electric strike lock in the frame of your door, as shown in the picture. We place a doorknob on the outside of the door. This gives you control over opening the door of your apartment. You can still use your keys at any time as we do not change your lock.

Ringo installation
Ringo digital key

Now you can open your door of your apartment and the building door remotely. As well you can assign a digital key to the upcoming guests, which you forward to them via e-mail or SMS. The digital key looks like the picture on the left and it is a secure web connection. Guests do not need an application! Doors open instantly by clicking on a red lock in the middle of the door. Simple.

You can limit digital keys to a certain date and time. In example, guest’s digital key expires on the day of departure at 11am (check-out). If necessary a digital key can be canceled or renewed in the meantime.

Actual use case opening door in a multi-apartment building using Ringo:

Ringo lock door opener

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