Wireless intercom Ringo


How does it work?


Install Ringo at the building door

Ringo is connected to an electric lock in the frame of the door and an NFC reader is placed next to the door.

Share digital keys with tenants

Tenants can open building door with their keys, smartphone (remotely) or via NFC tag.

Building manager

Building manager can set who & when can someone open specific doors (Ringo can control all entrances to basement, rooftop, parking lot, garage etc.)

Ringo Wireless Intercom is perfect for:

It is easy to replace an old intercom system in a building. Ringo box is installed and connected to the building doors. An extra NFC reader is installed as well. From this point the installation is done (without placing or removing cables in the apartments). Every tenant gets his digital key to open building doors, remotely with a phone or via NFC reader at the entrance.

New buildings can save a lot costs setting up Ringo Wireless Intercom. Project managers & builders don’t need to place expensive cables from main doors to every apartment. Every tenant’s smartphone becomes his personal intercom handle. Tenants can also use their keys or NFC tags (keychain) to open building doors. Building manager can set a structure of rights for tenants, who can open a certain entrance. Ringo can also digitise and open garage doors, parking lots and multiple other entrances.

Ringo can also digitise any apartment door in the building. Tenants can then use their digital key for the building and their apartment doors. They can open it remotely or share a digital key to the building and the apartment doors.

Replacing an old intercom system in an apartment building (30 apartments)
Classic intercom provider  
Cost of a new intercom system: approx. 10.000 EUR 
Cost per apartment: 333 EUR 
Warranty: 2 years

Ringo Smart & Wireless intercom 
Cost of a new intercom system: 499 EUR 
Cost per apartment: 2 EUR /month 
Warranty: unlimited

You can see Ringo wireless Intercom in action in those cities:

Ljubljana, Slovenia • Paris, France • Vienna, Austria • Rijeka, Croatia

All of this for a fraction of a price of an intercom system.
Reach out to us and we’ll send you an offer: