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Ringo door opener digital key

Ringo is an iOT device that turns any door lock
into a smart door lock.

Ringo smart doors

No change to the design of your doors

Ringo connects to the electric lock and control it. If there is no electric lock, a door producer must install it additionally.

Ringo can upgrade any door to a smart door

It does not matter what kind of door you are producing or selling. Ringo fits all doors and locks, since it is a separate device that is physically connected to the electric lock.

Ringo requires 3 things to work:

1. Power 2. Connection to an electric lock (any kind) and 3. Connection to internet (Wifi, POE or mobile data) Optional: NFC reader for auto-unlock

Ringo can be used for:

Ringo can be installed as an accessory to the already sold /installed doors without an electric lock. Like classic doors, armoured doors… we basically support any type of door. To these “non smart” doors we need to add an electric lock (i.e. electric strike lock), to make it smart.

Ringo can be installed next to the new doors, selling it as smart doors.

Ringo can also be used as an accessory to the other doors, like garden doors, garage doors, sliding fences etc. Clients can then control all doors via one Ringo phone app.

You can use Ringo as a white label product and sell your doors as smart doors with your brand.


Remote unlock

Open doors from anywhere with your phone.

Share digital keys

Simply share your digital keys with anyone for a limited period of time.


Open doors without taking your phone out of your pocket, just come close and doors will open.

Entry logs

Every entry or door open is recorded.

Get notifications

Be notified when certain person opens doors.

Unlimited warranty

With subscription you are entitled to an endless support and warranty.

Ringo Smart Door Opener


Sell your new doors with “the smart” option, so your clients can buy smart doors they can control remotely,
create an upsell revenue for your company and become more competitive on the market today.


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