Ringo alternative to Lockbox

Ringo alternative to Lockbox

We see many cities not allowing lock boxes or lockboxes anymore, because they either damage street furniture, design of the street, especially if antique and at the same time they invite burglars. Lock boxes are easy to break and invite burglars to help them selves to your apartment.


There are many alternatives to the lockboxes, such as smart locks, management agencies, key cafes, PMS… But in cities where most of the buildings are apartment buildings, the best alternative is an affordable access control, which can open building and apartment doors.

Such a solution is Ringo which is a great alternative to lock box.

Ringo lock

Ringo is installed only in your apartment and not visible on the outside!


Lockbox usually isn’t smart, which means that it does not connect to internet. So we don’t know when the keys were collected by the guests and we cannot change the code remotely.

Ringo is smart and we know when the guests enter the apartment and each guest has a unique digital key to enter.

Digital key expires automatically upon check-out of the guests.

Smart lock can only open one door and it cannot be installed on the building doors.

Ringo is installed in your apartment, connected to your door lock and to your intercom, so you can open apartment and building doors. Remotely or share a digital key with your guests.

What if guests are older and they don’t use smart phones? Well, you can still open the doors for them remotely and leave the keys in the apartment for them to use after they enter.

Regarding price, lock box is very affordable and usually a one time purchase.
Ringo is based on subscription, but it is a smart device connected to internet, which means remote control, which means costs, but at the same time, you can control it from anywhere, not require you to be present on location of your rented apartment. This can be very useful in traffic jams, middle of the night and your vacations abroad.

You pay for Ringo only when you use it, it is a pay per use solution. When you don’t have guests, you don’t pay.

Which is great if you use Ringo only for a few times per year, at the great events like concerts, holidays or Olympic games coming now to Paris in summer of 2024.

Ringo also provides local support and professional experience. If you own many apartments or if you run an agency you probably use channel manager solutions or PMS, where Ringo can integrate and automate your check-ins and check-outs.

Your guests will love Ringo as it does not require an app to enter your apartment, they will just click on the link (digital key) which you can share with them via email, text (sms), Whatsapp, Viber or other. One click to open the building and enter the apartment doors.

Ringo fits all doors and intercom systems and you don’t need to ask for permission, because Ringo is only installed in your apartment.

Ringo is a the best alternative to lockbox.

Get it now!

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