Ringo is not a smart lock!

Ringo is not a smart lock!

More like a smart opener than a smart lock, but has the same working principle and a lot more functionalities.
Ringo is a professional smart lock solution for hosts in apartment buildings.

Lets take a look at the differences…


Ringo vs smart locks

*Picture: on the left Ringo, on the right typical cylindrical smart lock


1. Ringo does not look like a smart lock.
Ringo is basically a lock/intercom controller in a box. It looks like a white box (upper picture on the left, white Ringo box), which can be placed on the wall next to the doors or even in a fuse box (picture bellow).

Ringo for fuse box

Ringo in a fuse box

So Ringo is a controller in a box placed on a wall and connected to your lock via cables, not installed like smart locks in the cylinder of your door lock. Ringo is via cable connected also to your intercom. This way Ringo can open any door and any intercom system, there is no limitation. Ringo can open up to 15 doors with one box.

Smart locks are installed into a door lock key hole, like the picture bellows shows.

smart lock

With this kind of installations, smart locks are limited in options:
– don’t fit all doors (not for armoured, secured or any other than classic doors)
– not connected to the intercom and not being able to open building doors
– they need additional equipment to connect to intercom and usually they don’t fit all intercoms
– If you want to open a smart lock remotely, you need to connect it to the internet, which means additional costs (subscription)
– don’t run out of battery, because you won’t be able to open doors (Ringo allows you to still use your keys)

Guests need to have an app to open doors via smart lock, register an account, pair via bluetooth… and what happens if a guest does not have a smart phone? Well with Ringo, you can open doors remotely for guests and from then on, guests use classic keys (waiting for them in the apartment on arrival).

2. Ringo does not function as a smart lock.
Now you know that Ringo is not motorised engine in the keyhole of your door lock. Ringo is directly connected to your door lock and your intercom in your apartment via cable. It is the most reliable and secure. Ringo connects to your wifi and you can control it with your phone remotely. Anytime you can open apartment and building doors or share a digital key with your guests.
Smart locks function as a small motor turning the key in your door lock, which means they only open one door at the time.

3. Ringo fits all doors and intercom systems.
Because Ringo is connected to your door lock with a cable it can fit all doors, thick, thin, armoured, electrical, sliding or any special doors. It does not matter what kind of doors you have. The same goes for intercoms, old or new, Ringo can control it and open it remotely.

4. Ringo can open multiple doors.
Because Ringo is a controller box we can insert as many relays as we want and per one box size we can insert up to 15 relays, which means one Ringo box can open up to 15 doors in your building. What if there is more? You just add another Ringo box.

Smart locks can open one door only.

5. Ringo is a professional lock for apartment buildings.
The main difference is that Ringo was developed for hosts in apartment buildings, while smart locks are produced for a general use wherever you can use them.
Ringo provides professional service starting from installing Ringo to offering services like integration with Channel managers, PMS systems and local support on location.
Ringo provides a seamless experience for your guests, entering your apartment and building with ease and no stress.

Ringo - unlock doors with your phone - digital key

Ringo is available for a monthly subscription or pay-per-use only, but this means constant updates and following “short term rent” trends so you have the most up to date solution on the market.


For more information, see our detailed comparison of Ringo versus the other now popular smart locks on the market today here:

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