Why pay subscription to Ringo lock?

Why pay subscription to Ringo lock?

Good question.
As a host, you can buy a simple cylindric smart lock with one time purchase and you can open doors via your smart phone. Share the code to your guests and this is it. Problem solved!? Or is it???


Ringo is a subscription-only service. Here's why.


Well, not really… those hosts who tried it, learned a lot why this just simply does not work.

With NOT paying subscription it comes to limitations. When you purchase a simple smart lock, usually this smart lock gives an option of bluetooth connection to pair your phone and this is how you open doors. You can share it with the upcoming guests. And here are the first obstacles, guests need to download an app and pair their phone to open doors. If you rent your apartment in an apartment building how will guests open building doors? So next to your purchased smart lock, which you have installed in your apartment doors, you will probably purchase another piece of equipment, like a intercom sync device or similar. This device will connect to your intercom, if you own a brand which is supported of course. There are many intercoms out there and many new ones work with voice & video protocols not supporting third party sync devices.

How sync devices usually work? They sync with your existing intercom in your apartment and when someone rings your bell in front of your building, the sync-er recognises this bell and opens the building doors. BUT, anyone can ring your bell or all the bells at the same time and the sync-er will open doors. Even for burglars, no filter here 🙂

Why does this happen?
Because purchased equipment is limited in options, it does not connect to internet, so it does not receive data who to open and when not to open. It just does what was intended at the time of the purchase. So when you buy a version 1 and a year later there is a version 2, you need to buy again.

Therefore your guests need to be in close range to open your smart lock via bluetooth. BUT what about elderly guests, not having smart phones? No BT. No access.

There is a reason why you pay subscription, or many good reasons:

  1. Ringo lock is connected to internet and this gives you options:
    • remote door opening for elderly guests who don’t have smart phones,
    • share digital keys with guests, so they can open doors on their own at their own time and privacy
    • you get real time notifications and overview if everything is ok
    • regular updates to maintain Ringo devices and keep up it up to date with the newest technology and travel trends
    To be able to do that, we need an internet connection with Ringo device, which means connection to servers where the data is stored which means monthly costs.
  2. You don’t pay for Ringo devices, it is included in the subscription. When they break, we change them with new ones, simple.
  3. Your subscription includes 24/7 phone+email support and local support on the premises
  4. Included API integrations with rental software providers like Channel managers, PMS.. to make your bookings more valuable and on autopilot. Here we constantly need to develop, update and align with software partners so you have the best experience.
  5. Seasonal pause: you can always put Ringo use on pause and continue the next season if you want. Ringo will wait for you, you only pay when you use it.
  6. Online Check-in included: no more waiting for guests and copy their passport data. It is on autopilot and you receive the data before their arrival.

We always go one step further in quality service, providing the best experience for you and your guests. We understand how important it is for guests to be able to enter apartment asap.

This is why we charge subscription. Ringo is a professional solution for hosts in apartment buildings.